put your dream 1st

Studio Home for Producers


This is the best place for Producers to create their sound and bring artist to cook up with. Just ask Legendary Ski Beatz, he just had a Dojo class for Producers to learn Ableton.

Best Songwriters in the City


Need help with writing and producing your album or mixtape From Scratch, then Dream 1st Studios is the best studio to cook up. We got access to every hot songwriter in the city.

Engineers for Any Genre


No matter what style of Music you Create, We have the right engineer to sonically capture your music. We want your album to be classic  so we will pair you with the Right Engineer.

Showcase Your Artwork


Dream 1st is right in the heart of Artscape MICA area so we are all about supporting Artist in our city. Please drop off some art of your favorite artist for other artist to see.

Have Fun with Real Musicians


Nothing is more fun than creating real music with Real Musicians. We love working with Musicians who want to make something classic and be the life of the party. 

Play Videogames in The Booth


Not only do you get to record in a cool studio with lights and tons of gear but you also get to play your favorite video game systems in the booth! What studio does that? Dream 1st


Studio Tour of Dream 1st Studios,  a Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD. This is Studio B (1340 sq ft) check it out