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Check out Dream 1st Studios, a recording studio located in Baltimore, MD


Check out Studio Owner Don Trunk showing off his spaceship. At Dream 1st, We know, Music is what we love to do and have always dreamed of doing since day 1. There is always something new that can be discovered by making beats, messing around with vintage gear, meeting new prodcuers and creating from scratch. We are committed to discovering the creativity artists possess and bringing their ideas to life in our studio. We can't wait to work with you in the near future and help create a new sound.


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As experienced producers in the industry, we know how to rearrange and mix certain sounds to make great music. Once we've worked together to create your distinct sound, we help you publish your music and have your product ready for mass distribution around the world to all streaming platforms. Ask about how we can get you in every store around the world.

Check out this recording studio in Baltimore, MD called Dream 1st Studios

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Nowadays, everything is visual. you can't create in a recording studio without the right vibe.  Baltimore has so much talented artist that need to be seen and heard. Some artist like to feel like they are in the club others like to feel at home, no matter where you feel best, the recording studio you need must have the right vibe to go with your music. Your passion and love for audio recording and music production is what will connect you with your audience, so we want to support you and your Dream. 

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           Check out a virtual Studio Tour of Dream 1st Studios, a recording studio located in Baltimore, MD. Hit us for your audio recording and music production needs.